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About wholesale

Please be patient to finish reading our policy before you place an order, many thanks.

1、MOQ:We don’t have minimum order limit. You can order even one set product from us. Meanwhile, we offer discounts for a large number of wholesale. The more you buy the more discounts you will get.


2 、Price: The price marked on our website is calculated in US dollars, the price is also charged for one set. You can get a much lower price if your order's total costs reach a certain number. You can get more detailed information from our discount page.

3、Services: Since we have a variety of products styles, usually we  only have small quantity of production for a certain style, so a certain percentage rate of shortage is normal, approximately 1%. When this happens, we will follow our processes for dealing with shortages and give u a satisfied answer.



4、Order handle procedure:


A、 Orders paid before every afternoon at 17:00 GTM (East 8 District pm) will be processed the same day. Orders paid after that will be handled on the next day.

B、 For orders that have out of stock items, a email notice will be received from us within 48 hours (subject to the boundary time) and there are two ways for you to choose regarding to this.

The first one: To cancel and get refund for the out of stock items and notify us send orders directly. Please note that we would refund you the item price and the corresponding weight of the item canceled to your user center on our site. Or we can also refund it to your Paypal account. PS: This service is not workable for other payment methods.

The second way: A replacement of the out of stock items is also workable. You can notify us to cancel the out of stock items for you and inform us the items that you want to replace to and we can process with it for you. But please note that we will prepare them in another 48 hours and arrange shipment.

C、If we do not receive your response within 48 hours, we will ship your order directly with the first way to assure the shipping time. We will refund the money of the out of stock items that we cancel to your user center on our site. We would also mail you to inform the shipment. If you would like the balance to be refunded to your Paypal account, please notify us.


5、Special Offer: If your order is large enough( normally refers to which amounted to over USD 5000), you can contact with us via our online customer service. You will not be restricted to the above terms of wholesale88.net. For example, we can offer you a kind of more favorable shipping method which has a dedicated customer service to trace your order to ensure the time and smooth of the shipment.


PS: We offer 7* 24 hour online customer service. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact with us. We are delighted to solve all of your questions.

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